Construction of your buildings


  • Treated Runners

  • Floor joists on 16" centers

  • 3/4" CDX Decking

  • Appearance Grade Spruce-Pine-Fir 2x4s. Kiln-dried longer, and don't split later

  • 5/8" Fir T1-11 siding. Thicker. Layed. Stronger.

  • Handmade Trusses

  • Pine Trim Boards

  • Felt Underlayment

  • 30 year Architectural Shingles

  • Heavy-Duty 6" Hinges

  • Spring Loaded Whitcome Latch

  • Plenty of care, experience, and expertise in every building,        BUT ZERO PARTICLE BOARD, CHIPBOARD, OR OSB. 

All of our buildings have eaves on all sides, and felt underlayment. These improvements add to the material cost, but greatly add life to the buildings by protecting them from water and leaking. That is one reason we still have buildings around built close to 40 years ago.

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